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Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration System
UF Membrane pore size: 0.01um
Energy saving, Backwashable
Low Investment
Good output water quality
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UF Plant Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems


The UF System filtration process which utilizes trans-membrane pressure differential to separate particles according to molecular weights. It is used to remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, and bacteria, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules.

UF System Features:

Minimum pumping energy required, thus energy saving
Chemical resistance, wide PH ranges
Easy to operate & maintenance
Low investment cost
No contaminant residue caused by chemical reaction
Recovery ratio up to 98%

Ultrafilation System’s Application:

The UF System is widely used in water production corporations, factory or schools as drinking water treatment system. The application including :

1. Surface Water Clarification

2. RO System Pre-Treatment

3. Waste Water or Sewage Treatment
We can accord to clients requirement supply the completely mineral water plant with bottle water filling and cover and labelling all in one.

UF System Including:

UF Membrane module

Valves & Meters

Control System

Pipes and Fitting

304 stainless Skid Frame

Preccision Filter

Raw water pump

Backwash pump

Normal Treatment UF System Flow Process:

Source water→booster pump→sand filter→active carbon filter→fine filter→hollow fiber UF Membrane system→Output

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Our Advantages and Service:

* 10 Years custom ultrafiltration water treatment system designing experiences, we can design and install as your any project requirements, reduce your projects investing cost.
* Standard designs according your application, requirement and budget, we are one of leading ultrafiltration system manufacturers in China, we can produce and accept any special requirement orders.

HINADA is a professional manufacturer of water treatment membranes and water treatment equipment, we provide customize service for customers according to project requirement, and any wastewater treatment plant design, install solutions and technical support.
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