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MBR Membrane Modular

MBR Membrane Modular

MBR Membrane Bioreactor is designed for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment, the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended .The MBR Modular provides an aerobic microbiological treatment of waste water in which good efficiency is acquired and purified water of good quality is achieved.

PVDF MBR Membrane Specification:


PVDF hollow fiber



I/O diameter


Implosion pressure

Above 2 bar

Burst Pressure

Above 4 bar

Water Permeability

10—25 L/m2. h

Elongation at break

About 25%

Operating Temperature




Operating pressure


Turbidity of output water

Less than 0.2 NTU

Filtration Method


Pore Size

0.01—0.4um (Micron)


Accord to different input wastewater quality we suggest the range at: 10---25 L/m2. H

Permeate Water Quality:

Suspended Matter 2um, 100% removal

Organics: removal 99.99%

Turbidity of output water: ≤ 0.2NTU

SDI of output clean water: ≤ 2.5

MBR Membrane Modular

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