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Underground Waste Water MBR System in Containered

Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant in container

MBR Technology

Designed for small wastewater project

Cheap cost / Auotmatically controlling / Easy operation

Stable and Qualified output water

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Introduction of Wastewater Package Plants:

This MBR System (Membrane Bioreactor) Treatment Plant is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended. The MBR system provides an aerobic microbiological treatment of waste water in which good efficiency is acquired and purified water of good quality is achieved.

Product Description

MBR System Including:

MBR membrane and MBR skid
Collect pipe and aerator system

♦ Air blower
Suction pump

♦ Feed water pump
Dosing pump and system

♦ PLC control system

Process of Treatment

residential wastewater treatment systems

Our Services

* We are the manufacturer of MBR Membrane, MBR system for waste water treatment, residential wastewater treatment systems, wastewater package plants, we can produce the products according to your requirements.

* We Provides a full range of services , from the design proposal, producing to installation and testing, even  after sale. We regard our customer as a long term business partner.

*Project Sample as your reference:
Underground Waste Water MBR System in Container

small wastewater package plants

HINADA is a professional manufacturer of water treatment membranes and water treatment equipment, we provide customize service for customers according to project requirement, and any wastewater treatment plant design, install solutions and technical support.
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