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MBR Membrane Modular for Sewage Treatment 500KLPD
Release time:2017-07-24
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MBR Membrane Modular for Sewage Treatment

Our company is the professional manufacturer of water treatment UF membrane /MBR membrane/RO System/ UF plant/ MBR system for the industrial water treatment. we can offer the completely MBR Membrane Modular according to client project requirement .

MBR Membrane Modular For Wastewater Treatment Plant 500KLD

Item #



Membrane Modular

Material : PVDF Hollow Fiber
Model:   NM-MBR-1520;

Area:     20;

Dimension: 571×1535x45mm

Design Flow : 10-25L/m2.h

I/O Diameter: 0.6mm/1.2mm

Pore Size:    0.02μm

96 sets

Frame Skid

Material :Stainless 304

30 Sets / Skid

Dimension : 1200*1280*2080mm ;

Including: Collect water pipes, aeration system , output water pipes


Accord to different input wastewater quality we suggest the range at: 10---25 L/m2. H

Permeate Water Quality:
Suspended Matter 2um, 100% removal
Organics: removal 99.99%
Turbidity of output water: ≤ 0.2NTU
SDI of output clean water: ≤ 2.5

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