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MBR Membrane Bioreactor Manufacturer in China
Release time:2017-07-24
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MBR Membrane Bioreactor Manufacturer in China

Hinada Water Treatment Tech Co.,LTD is the professional MBR Membrane manufacturer in China, this MBR can apply to all water and wastewater treatment processes integrating a permselective membrane with a biological  process.

As the MBR Technology develops, more and more MBR Suppliers especially in Asia countries.  Hinada Water Treatment has become the reliable MBR and UF Membrane provider.  Our main products including PVDF material immersed MBR.

Our MBR Membrane pore size is around : 0.01--0.4 um Micron, but the pore size has the range and meet the normal distribution ( Gaussian distribution), 95% of the hollow fibers pore size is around 0.1 um.

The MBR Membrane fouling will be formed after 3--8 months operation, the MBR Membrane fouling just as the cake blocking the hollow fiber filtration.  And the MBR membrane cleaning method including backwashing and Chemical clean.

The MBR Membrane life is around 3--5 years.

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